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It seems that everybody in this day and age has a search engine on their website, after all it’s the 21st century way to navigate. It used to be only the biggest most well funded sites could even consider getting a search engine for their site, but now you can easily set-up a search engine for your website for absolutely nothing, using easy a easy 3rd party search engine provider; one of the best out there is…, is a wonderful service that offers a great accurate search engine that is hard to beat, but this widget does alot more then just search!

It’s customizable, creates a nice sitemap, keeps a up-to-date “what’s new” list showcasting all your newest stuff for everyone to see, it’s hosted on their severs so it doesn’t tie up your resources and gives extensive reports of what kind of pages your visitors like the most and so much more, and it’s free?

Yeah right.
No really, it is. The only thing that is a downfall is the advertising that is shown only on the search results page, which isn’t really that much of a sacrifice. But remember if your site has it’s own advertisers you cannot place your ads on the search results page.

This search package should be perfect for a wide range of sites, but really large sites may have to find other alternative search engines, because imposes a 2,000 page limit of the amount of files in will index. But that should be more then enough for most beginner and intermediate webmasters (advanced ones, can build their own search engine).

One more thing, If you run an Adult site, you can’t use freefind. Simply because it’s advertisers don’t want to be affiliated with your kind of website, no offence or anything.

Remember how I said that free find was customizable? Well as part of that, you can choose to allow your visitors to search your website only, the world wide web only, or both the web and your website in one box.

If that sounds at all a little complicated, it’s not. Freefind has wizards to guide you through the entire process.

Tempted Yet?
You can sign up by walking (don’t run) slowly in an orderly fashion to, they make it nice and easy for you to sign up, and install (which you do by copying and pasting code into your website).

Tell me what you think, by leaving a comment. All the best with your searching adventure:)


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  • 1. Shirley  |  April 9, 2006 at 2:19 am

    I’m very new at this–been blogging for just under two months, but absolutely love doing it, and I have had what I believe is a large amount of hits.

    I’m wondering though, is freefind for people who are hosting their own site, or for use with such as WordPress?

    Thank you for the information.


  • 2. Mark  |  April 9, 2006 at 2:37 am

    Thanks Shirley, I think you’ll find that freefind is an ideal solution for
    sites on a budget, and is vastly superior to other alternatives such as google’s site search.

    If you have the money I’d suggest looking into hiring a programmer they start from around $40/hr, or you can do it yourself using CGI, Javascript or even XML!

    But for mortals on a budget, Freefinds the way to go!

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