So you want a real website?

If you are interested in getting out of the blogging world and want to start a "real" website, here's a site you gotta check out! It's really the greatest! It's a easy straight foward site that takes you through the steps,  itreally does take out all awards. The address is, you won't regret it!


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Choosing the perfect domain name

Choosing the perfect domain name for your website is an essential move for anyone who is serious about internet success, a quick browse the top 100 visited websites on the net can reveal one similarity between them all: they all have a good domain name.

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It seems that everybody in this day and age has a search engine on their website, after all it’s the 21st century way to navigate. It used to be only the biggest most well funded sites could even consider getting a search engine for their site, but now you can easily set-up a search engine for your website for absolutely nothing, using easy a easy 3rd party search engine provider; one of the best out there is… (more…)

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Keeping it Private

The Direct Marketing Association or DMA, have come up with a really cool privacy policy generator, it’s simple, easy-to-use online form makes generating a privacy policy, well… easy!

When your done you can choose to have the Privacy Policy emailed out to you in plain text, or as a webpage you can just add into your website, how easy’s that. To access the privacy policy generator go to:

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Is your Clipart Illegal?

You'll be surprised about the amount of people who have illegal images on their websites, alot of them don't actually know that they are actually breaking a law that could result in Federal charges, ask yourself do you have illegal clip-art? (more…)

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Welcome to the first edition of the sun Deprived webmaster, a  weekly journal for all of us who spend way to much time sitting on a computer working on our blog or website, every Saturday there will be new stuff, so keep on coming…

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The Sun Deprived Webmaster is an journal for anybody who runs a website or blog, Packed weekly full of free stuff, smart promotion ideas and ways to make money, it's the best read you'll have, fresh every saturday.

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